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solar power panels
Solar Panels-how much power should I expect to get on average from a panel?

What percentage of the rated power? Panels would go in the northeast. I mean just in general I know that panels are generally about 11-19% efficient but of the rated power what should I actually get on average given average conditions? If I had a 200W panel would I get 100W? 50W? 150W? Thx in advance.

Panels are rated at a standard test condition (STC). The rated output has nothing to do with efficiency. A more efficient panel is physically smaller than a less efficient panel, a 200W panel outputs 200W at the STC, regardless of its efficiency. You’ll generally pay more for a more efficient panel, so if space isn’t an issue, you may be better off getting a less efficient panel, you’ll get the same output, but it will take up more space.

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Solar Power Panel

solar power panel
How much solar panel power do I need to run dishwasher, electric dryer and electric stove plus normal lighting?

If you’re willing to do a grid-tied system, your panels do not need to supply all the watts that your appliances need. For example, maybe you would run your stove only half an hour to cook dinner, and the panels would have all day long to catch up.

The answer also depends on where your house is located. If you want a good answer, the best thing to do is contact a professional installer for a bid. They’ll analyze your electric bill, and know how much sun your area gets.

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