Solar Hot Water

solar hot water
Is a solar hot water heater worth the upfront cost? What is the average time to pay it off?

Your cost return is going to depend on local sun conditions, local energy costs, initial system cost and cost of maintenance. I have generally heard that it may be as quick as 8 years or as much as 20 years or longer to pay itself off. Of course the higher energy costs rise the sooner the payback time would be.

The department of energy site listed below discusses the costs and payback terms. One thing they point out is that if the solar system heats provides less than 40% of the overall heating of your house then it’s probably not going to be cost effective.

Checkout the other site listed below for a comparison of life-cycle costs for different water heater options, including solar with electric backup heat. According to this site, indirect gas hot water heaters are the lowest cost option over a 13 year period and are less than half the cost of the solar with electric backup option.

Renewable Energy – Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

Solar Water Heaters

solar water heaters
Solar water heaters poor endangered the reputation of the industry association leader (2) of China has 4,000 heaters manufacturers solar water, but very few of them felt obliged to comply with independent certification and accreditation requirements, he said.

Solar Water Pump

solar water pump
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Solar Water Pumping System Installation in a water well.

Solar Power Water Heater

solar power water heater
How much does it cost to install a solar-powered pool heater for an indoor school pool?

I was just wondering if there are companies out there who install solar powered water heaters for average sized pools (deep end 8ft)? If so, how much does it usually cost? This is for my school.

To achieve total solar heating, the panel square footage must equal 50% of your pool’s square footage (length x width). The panels are usually 2×20, 2×12, or 2×10. So really it would depend on the square footage of your pool and what size panels you plan to use. Try the website below that sells pool heaters. There is more info there.

FRESNEL LENS SOLAR HOT WATER, Heat Solar Pool Heater Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Solar Water Heater

solar water heater
How does the Solar Water Heater Tax Credit work?

If someone doesn’t make enough to pay into the tax system, how will the 30% tax credit work? As a refund?
This question is based on something I overheard and you can always learn something new about the IRS and how various deductions work. The company was listing the amount on the spreadsheet as money you would save from the purchase price from the unit but that must be false in any scenario.

Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits, from LAST year is in the link below. The new one should be up on that site eventually. But you can get an idea of how it works. Just ignore the part about the cap of $500 or $2000.

As you’ve guessed, the tax credit is not refundable – you won’t get paid if you don’t owe that much tax.

If you’re that poor, some cities like San Francisco or Berkeley (I think) may have programs to help you make your home more energy efficient, in some cases, even subsidizing a solar array.


Solar Power Water Heaters

solar power water heaters
Which is more efficient and more successful? Less than a tank waterheater Waterheater solar energy?

I'm trying to be more efficient energy in my house (at least as the water heater goes. And I'm trying to figure out why water heating system is the best way to "green" go tankless or solar water heater? Anyone know about one or two? Thanks

My parents have a tankless water heater, and worship. She is electric and uses no power until the hot water tap is turned on. Therefore, only works to heat the water goes down the tubes. So turn off the faucet, turn off the heater. Heat is instantaneous, and limit the heat. Here is the site he bought. Others have used and I love it too. Very efficient to use, and not much money to create. Solar water heaters would work very well but are expensive to install. It takes a long time to make your money with them.

DIY: Solar Powered Water Heater in 3 Steps