Homemade Solar Power

homemade solar power
How to make a homemade solar oven?

The oven must be made โ€‹โ€‹of a cardboard box no more than three feet by three feet by three feet. The reflective surface should be a reflection of the metallic surfaces such as aluminum foil.

Do not use aluminum foil, which is very transparent. You can pick up flat mirrors a junkyard, or use a lot of old polished CD or both. Basically this is what I do: get a boat Gardening orange-brown which is about 1 meter high and place upside down in the center of your chest. Then grab a knife and pull down the 4 corners of your home so that you have on a structure in a cross with his boat in the middle. Then you have all your cd's and flat mirrors and mirrored surfaces paste 4 on the wings of his cross, so that every square inch what is covered and mirrorized. Cut the pieces if necessary. Just remember that you want no cash to show the head of your wings. Basically, you have four solar panels that will be used to focus light to the pan at one point. Since their wings together, we're not done yet. You can focus the beam so it is much more powerful. Here's how: take one of its wings and drawing in a square with a Sharpie marker to be centered. Do not make the square very small, but 1.6foot about 1.6 meters. Then draw lines from the corners of squares in the corners of the wing. These are the lines where a hot knife cutting and a blade on the opposite side. So that, and four collapsible sections trapeze can be wrapped in the interior. Then drill a hole with the edges of trapezoids, where you can enter any type of rope or wire to hold the trapeze bent inward in the place that has a curved reflective plate. Repeat this process with the other three wings. Then you get 4 plastic gardening pots to keep their wings and focus on putting them under the wings so that the radius of the solar heat is concentrated at a point directly above the orange pot. No! Now that you have made invention, the mad scientist most impressive of the same mad scientist. Since turkey Action Thanks for the fun of cooking and frying do not use it with your friends! Chris = D

82 watt home made solar panel.

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