Power Solar

power solar
I want to buy Solar power system for my home, What are the recommendation? If somebody has used it?

I want to buy Solar power system or Wind Energy System for my home, What are the recommendations? If somebody has used it , please tell me about it.

Well it all depends on where you live, if you’re out in the country, wind power may make more sense for you, if you’re in the city solar is the way to go. With a solar electric system there are no moving parts so it lasts a long time, it pays for itself depending on where you live i have heard of getting money back in three years. If you finance it very often the payments are less than your electric bill. The only maintenance is hosing it down once in a while. I also recommend looking into geothermal, especially if you have a decent sized backyard, its actually the cheapest option, and if you have plenty of space out back its even cheaper. Depending on where you live the payback differs, in the US, we happily now all receive a 30% tax credit, that helps cut the price. there are also other programs pretty much in every state by now. Out here in California, its state mandated for the utility companies to offer a rebate.

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