Solar Power Efficiency

solar power efficiency
The efficiency of the solar panel would replace coal?

A friend sent me an article that a company called Fraunhofer produce solar panels can achieve 41.1% efficiency. Now taking into account the fact that solar energy is not sent to work at night or during storms and very low during the winter what% think it would be necessary to establish a "majority" of our energy needs as a nation? Typos * * Now, taking into account the fact that solar energy "not" work during storms or at night and very low during the winter, what% do you think would be necessary establish a "majority" of our energy needs as a nation?

I'm with g.aidono. The efficiency of the commission is not the problem is cost. The photovoltaic panels create efficiency hovering around 14% now – when you see the numbers as high as 41%, a cell that is exotic, and not a glass-resistant metal frame and suitable for home use. But even at 14%, if the cost of $ 2 per watt, which would cost a winner in most households USA. Even with four U.S. dollars / Watt is a winner today in some places, such as providing the latest, very expensive kWh someone's account. If you panels is U.S. $ 1 watt, even without subsidies, people would be clamoring to connect the panels – for many, in fact, that could threaten the stability network, and new architectures would be necessary.

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