Solar Power For Home

solar power for home
Do you have experience with solar energy at home?

I am doing research of our home. I wonder how long the solar panels past and if any maintenance. Operators with whom I spoke, seemed to offer a guarantee of 25 years and say there is no maintenance. What repair or replacing the roof, with panels in place? Dealers say the roof can be accessed under the plates to repair and to extend the life of the roof. Any information to share?

I am a solar technology, so believe me when I say not to put photovoltaic panels on the roof because their investment not be returned unless there is 40,000 square feet of roof space to sell their labor to the network. installation cost of PV is a conservative, more $ 30,000. Here's what to do. First, your roof is south? It is clear from the trees? is new construction or existing? If your orientation south of its business. Some states do not allow tax benefits if the south. You need to install a solar thermal system in your home. Depending on your square meters, determine how many panels you need. say you have 2,000 square feet, and you want hot water for domestic use, you only need two panels and a water heater Hot 108 liters. if you install a solar heat exchanger in his conduct ATAC (recommended) requires a third panel. Change of thermal solar energy (including benefits tax) is about 3 years. There is so much information I can tell you, but I do not have a lot of space in this post. The warranty is correct, life cover increases because they are protecting the deck panels, so there is no truth in it. but if you only put two or three roof panels, small factor.

How To Make Solar Panels For Home

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