Solar Power News

solar power news
solar energy-based space?

_ylt = AiQQvTvTxfcNowE8vGnIsUYiANEA ok; Um, looks great and all, but not quite as usable energy transport from the orbit through the atmosphere to the surface?

This is obviously one of the biggest challenges. focused microwave was discussed. Or simply reflects sunlight to the desired location. If you reflect sunlight that otherwise Earth bypass, is capturing new energy without blocking sunlight for other normal uses. This would have a clear negative impact on global warming. If, on the other side reflect sunlight that would otherwise fall to Earth, which are potentially generating electricity from it, to deflect sunlight heats the Earth, favorable impact of global warming. Most likely, the cost of doing something like this is going to be so high that it is justified only when it is of extreme value to go to a specific location and be able to quickly change the place. Most likely it would be a military application. We could also just play God, blocking the light of deserts and places experiencing heat waves and hurricanes, and diverting to places experiencing cold weather or get enough sunlight to grow. The construction of a new tropical paradise, in Siberia. Oh so funny to think, but oh so dangerous.


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