Solar Power Panels

solar power panels
Solar Panels-how much power should I expect to get on average from a panel?

What percentage of the rated power? Panels would go in the northeast. I mean just in general I know that panels are generally about 11-19% efficient but of the rated power what should I actually get on average given average conditions? If I had a 200W panel would I get 100W? 50W? 150W? Thx in advance.

Panels are rated at a standard test condition (STC). The rated output has nothing to do with efficiency. A more efficient panel is physically smaller than a less efficient panel, a 200W panel outputs 200W at the STC, regardless of its efficiency. You’ll generally pay more for a more efficient panel, so if space isn’t an issue, you may be better off getting a less efficient panel, you’ll get the same output, but it will take up more space.

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