Solar Renewable Energy

solar renewable energy
Why is solar energy a renewable resource and also some advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy?

Please tell me some advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy. Also need to know because it is a renewable resource. Can you also tell me how solar energy is and how long it will last. Thanks. [Tell me some websites you visit on this information]

First, everything is a guess, but the sun will continue to shine for another 2-4 million years. Therefore, for all practical purposes, their eternal. Solar energy depends on sunlight, the disadvantage is overcast, cloudy and rainy day in the snow, etc. No sun, no real energy. Another difficulty is the conversion of solar energy, solar panels generate direct current (DC) and this has to be converted to alternating current running applications, etc at home. To store solar energy, batteries are required, then the current energy Solar panels can recharge the batteries, then the DC must be converted into alternating current. Solar panels are not cheap, but the price is dropping. Also not last forever and can be damaged by hail, etc. The good news is that solar energy is clean, no pollution, except for panel fabrication and for the moment, the sun is still free.

Off Grid Renewable Energy Solar Wind Setup Part1

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